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Published: 02nd November 2012
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The internet can be a scary place today. Those who have lots of people online knows about the hazards of cybercrime. Even worse, there are several times when cybercriminals find a way to make an online search to perform criminal acts in real life. As responsible citizens both online and offline, it's our responsibility to stay cautious in order to avoid getting into dealings using these unsavory characters. Here then are a handful of points from iBuyWeSell on keeping safe when you are performing transactions online:

Make use of Own
Probably the most effective ways to be sure you keep safe within your online transactions is by using home. Always think that employing a public computer - including those invoved with internet cafes or libraries - would publicize information you access and offer through it. While you never find out what kinds of loggers might have to retain important computer data, always make it a point to prevent any transactions on any computer apart from your own, or that of someone you trust.

Research Your Transaction Partners
Never transact with someone you know nothing about. When it comes to people who you'd just met online, it is possible to a minimum of look for history. Checkout their profile, previous dealings, heck, you can even go on and Google their email address or names and stalk them on Facebook - the thing is, you have to know when you can have confidence in them, or maybe you need to get out while you can.

Secure Passwords
We simply cannot stress enough the significance of a good password. Choose one you could easily remember, however, not something which other folks can easily guess. Do NOT use any information about you - names, dates, places, and the like. Instead choose one that sticks along with you, however is not relatable. For really security (and this is actually required in some instances), throw lots within the mix too. Finally, ensure it is several word to really make it harder to hack.

Get There Yourself
When accessing a web site - especially one you would be making transactions on - it is always a safe practice to double check the url. One efficient way to do this would be to make sure you get there by typing the web site address yourself. There are tons of misdirection scams and frauds that easily redirect users to outside websites where login information is easily captured, enabling accounts to be hacked. Use much more of an expression, as opposed to a single word.

Alternatively (and much more effectively, I may add), you can instead talk with your existing online contacts - let them know if you’re selling something. Maybe they’re exactly looking for what you’ve got and buy of your stuff straight away. Or even, they might know a man would you. Either way, all involved parties is going to be working on trust. Likewise if you’re in the market for something, just ask your contacts and find out when they - or someone they are fully aware - have things you need.

iBuyWeSell acts on this by allowing users to share with you their adds immediately upon posting these to their pre-existing internet sites for example Facebook, keeping immediate contacts informed of the items you’re selling, or what you’re in the market for.

Check out iBuyWeSell today and obtain going on creating and sharing your ads. Creating your ads is provided for free, and you may create as numerous posts as you want. iBuyWeSell even offers a mobile app that allows you to you could make your ads directly from your mobile phone, or find a very good deals near you with location-based services.

iBuyWeSell is a free social media classifieds platform in which members can create, publish and manage their advertisements directly via mobile phone devices. It allows anyone with a mobile phone device or a laptop computer with a built-in camera to buy and sell pre-loved items anytime, anywhere.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, iBuyWeSell.comis the first company to offer businesses and consumers a free service through which they can create, publish, search and manage their advertisements directly via mobile phone devices. In December 2010, the company was awarded with the ‘Simplest and Best Application’ Award in the Samsung Global Developer Challenge.

You can also download a copy of our app, which has since been downloaded over 600,000 times, by clicking on this link.

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